Why Goldendoodles? Well we all know I love poodles. Unfortunately alot of people mistakenly believe them to be wimpy fu-fu dogs. Of course they are not!  They are just as much the hard working water retrievers that labs and goldens are. Because of thier gorgeous fun hair the show people have tried to ruin their reputation. The AKC calls them non-sporting Hello? How did that ever happen. Well the FU_Fu people got a hold of them lol. The UKC the older kennel club still considers them gun dogs. Thank goodness for them they also allow more functional hair do's in their ring and parti -colored poodles who were the original poodle. So alot of people don't think poodles are macho enough for them but goldendoodles  are a golden retriever with less shedding what a great idea! Both being great retrievers on land and in the water. The F1 ( first generation ) has the best hybrid vigor and all the health benefits that come with it. They are alot fluffier than the F1 labradoodles and according to dog breed info a bit calmer., 
 heres some more info on goldendoodles
Dogs 101 on  u tube : about goldendoodles
All Gold litter of goldendoodles expected on my birthday ! First week of dec! 2 are reserved already.  They are from April she is on the home page and Captain . He is fully tested golden with the "big 4"
Pic to the right is  my beautiful Abby at 7 weeks she is from Ellei Mei and Honey . Even though she is all black you can see how cute the goldendoodle pups are at 7 weeks.  
April is on the left and ellie Mei above we were at Loloa beach . Lower left is "Captain" he  is on the right.
Below is one of Ellie Meis Blackendoodles.
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