Poodles are one of the most intelligent and versatile breeds.(# 2 smartest breed.)  Including being non-shedding and considered hypo-allergenic, They were originally bred a water retreivers. UKC recognizes them as gun dogs.
They are very happy ,smart dogs who love the water. they are great with kids. my grandaughter who is 4 can easily handle my standards even the young adults,
My dream is to breed healthy happy Parti-poodles. the original poodles were parti -colored.Somebody decided it wan't fashionable so the people started breeding solids. some of the breed origanizations won't allow parti -poodles to be shown in the conformation classes. UKC the oldest of the american clubs not only allows  partis but also allows more practical hair cuts to be shown. More info on the versatility of the poodle atwww.vipoodle.org  Our first parti litter arrived just before  fall of 2011 , .
 I am constantly researching more info on poodles to bring more info to this site.
 All our standards and toys have had age/variety approtiate Hip and eye tests.
 Ellie Mei has a score of 90 from Pennhip. that means her hips are better than 90% of other standard poodles! both her parents are OFA and CERF as well.
 Ziggy just got his CERF. and OFA "good" preliminary way to go zigster!
Ziggy at 10 months.
Mariah's first day as a therapy dog . she did so well I am so proud of her she is only 3 months.
muffin natural agility.
Ellie Mei 14 months
Ellie Mei naps with Kelly.
Our first litter of parti poodle pups just arrived 9/6/11 they are beautiful. 5 girls and 3 boys.
Pups 24 hours old . they were born fat!
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