When you take your new family member home from Kismet Kennels . He will be eating a mixture of dry kibble and a small amount of canned food on top 3x daily. I feed the pups Evo red meat small bites , costco puppy food , costco canned food. Also yogart ,  green tripe and raw bones . I don't expect everyone to feed raw food. Although if you want to I can give you more info on how to do so. You must continue on the same dry food and only make gradual changes. The main thing is you try to avoid food with corn or by-products. Evo is a very good grain free food. It is too high protein for pups alone thats why I ad the costco puppy. see the links. . You will probably be suprised at the scores some of the foods get. Some of you may have fed some of the so-called "good" and definately expensive foods such as Science Diet. When analyzed it gets a horrible score. The first ingredient is corn!
Shots : Your pup will come with a first shot. It will be a parvo only shot. The more research I do the less shots I give. Parvo is the single most  dangerous and potentally fatal disease your pup could get. Each vaccine given taxes your puppy's immune system thats why I don't give a 5 or 7 way shot to a young pup. First of all, these early shots don't really do alot. They don't make the puppy fully immune to the disease because the antibodies from mom over ride alot of it. Thats why pups need a series of shots. If you had a dog who was older it would only need  one or two shots to become immune. Once you get your pup he will probably need another shot about 3-4 weeks after you get him. At that time the vet will give a 4 or 5 way shot (hopefully) . Some vets like to give a lot of shots. Try to find one who is reasonable. The scariest shot is the Lepto shot. The manufacturer recommends the shot to be given only after 12 weeks. I have seen alot of vets giving it to 8 week old pups. see link to leptomania . If there is a holistic vet in your area I would highly recommend going to her/ him. I hope not to offend anyone with my very biased opinion.
so to re-capp you will need : Costco puppy food, EVO red meat. and canned food initially. You wil have to go online to see where you can get the EVO .look on their site.
Puppy Health and Nutrition
 Lepto shot infohttp://www.thedogplace.org/VACCINES/Leptomania-10052-Jordan.asp 
vaccines in general:
 Dog food link  http://www.dominopoodles.com/dog-food.html
Best dog food link:http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/index.php/cat/1
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